Darren Prouty

Darren is the son of Darl Prouty, the original owner of Precision Propeller, and he started working for his dad when he was 8 years old.

By the time he was 9, his dad had already fired him, but Darren earned his place back at the shop the next year. Since then, he has worked at the shop for over 30 years. After managing the business for several years, Darren took it over when Darl passed away in 2014. Darren strives to live up to the example his father set for him: integrity, excellent work, and a love of boating.

When you see Darren, ask him how many boats he has; he might need to count them in his head before letting you know.

Darren is out on the water every day: he lives on a lake on several acres, and he loves the water. He also has a love of exotic cats, and has helped rescue lynx and bobcats.

Since 1979, Darren has been a certified a Certified Recovery Diver. He enjoys helping people salvage their boats, and he has volunteered to do salvage recovery for the police departments.

While driving around town, keep your eyes peeled: you might see his Precision Propeller Model T, which he retrofitted with his team.